What Does It Mean to Be Certified in Business Continuity?

May 23, 2019
What Does It Mean to Be Certified in Business Continuity?

On its face, the adage “Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime,” has little to do with the security and resilience of a business. However, it could easily be adapted this way: “Support a business through a crisis, help it continue until the next one. Teach a business to manage its own disruptions and make it resilient for its lifetime.”

Certainly, our world is ever-changing and so are threats against business operations as a result. Come earthquake or cybersecurity breach, though, a certification in business continuity can be an instrumental tool in preparing for and managing complex disruptions for any company or organization.

Since 2010, Milan-based Panta Ray has been a licensed training partner of the Business Continuity Institute – the world’s leading institute for business continuity and resilience professionals. As a result, Panta Ray offers a suite of courses in business continuity. Its most popular being its CBCI Certification Course.

According to Panta Ray, the certificate granted after going through the five-day course and passing the assessment is the leading global certification in business continuity. “[The course] provides the theory and best practices that are the basis for an effective business continuity management program,” says Panta Ray’s head of marketing Francesco Bongiorno. “Furthermore, it gives participants the chance to enter a community of expert professionals eager to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices.”

RedLand Strategies client services coordinator, Jessica Nott, recently had the opportunity to become certified through a CBCI course Panta Ray put on in New York City and remarked that in addition to the range of business continuity best practices she cultivated in the five-day course, what was particularly inspiring was the diversity of nations represented in a single training. Since 2010, Panta Ray has certified some 230 professionals in 50 different sessions held across Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East. Upcoming CBCI courses are already scheduled for Mumbai, Madrid, Dubai, Brussels, New York, and Istanbul.

Panta Ray explains that aside from the more obvious benefits of certification, a key benefit of going through the CBCI certification course is that participants immediately become part of a global network of over 9,000 business continuity professionals. Annually, that manifests itself in a global conference called the BCI World Conference and Exhibition. The two-day event, which will occur in London this November, typically attracts over 400 participants and features over 50 speakers covering a wide range of topics.

For further information on upcoming CBCI certification course dates, or to contact Panta Ray about scheduling a private course for five or more participants, click here.

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