What It’s Like Knowing Hamas Is Holding Your Family Hostage: Michael Balboni on The Fox News Rundown

November 29, 2023

Deputy National Security Advisor to the United States Anne Neuberger told the Council of Foreign Relations that ransomware is costing the global economy $8.7 trillion each year.

Professional and sophisticated cybercriminal networks sponsored by foreign states are perpetrating debilitating attacks on the United States’ most important institutions: hospitals, schools, energy infrastructure, municipalities, and any organization that maintains sensitive information.

Recently, the State of Kansas judicial system was the victim of an advanced foreign cyberattack, shutting down court operations for over a month.

Michael Balboni joined The Fox News Rundown to examine how these cybercriminal networks operate, who they are targeting, and what steps government agencies should take to protect and secure their important data from these formidable threats.

Michael’s interview follows The Fox News Rundown segment examining the Hamas hostage crisis, and begins at the 14:20 mark.

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